Steering Committee

Jamie Diamond, she/her

Steering Committee Member and Communications Co-Chair

Jamie became active in Nassau DSA in the spring of 2020 after volunteering for Bernie’s campaign. She is most involved in the Mutual Aid working group, helping with fundraising and intake, in addition to the Healthcare working group. In her role as Communications Co-Chair, she enjoys spreading awareness about the chapter to build support and energy around DSA’s community, values, and goals.

Austin Lynch, he/him

Steering Committee Member, Membership Committee Co-Chair, Ecosocialist Working Group Co-Chair, and Organizing Committee Member of the Long Island DSA Queer Caucus

Austin became a DSA member while working with NYC DSA members within the Reclaim Pride Coalition. He became an active member of Nassau County DSA in February of 2019. Austin has been involved in the DSA Bernie Campaign, and has been working on the Public Power Coalition. As Co-Chair of Membership Committee, Austin is committed to on-boarding new members, and making Nassau DSA a welcoming and more inclusive space.

Anne Flomenhaft, she/her

Steering Committee member and Agenda Committee Co-Chair

A native Long Islander, Anne has been a member of DSA since 2017. She joined DSA after volunteering and being an elected delegate for Bernie Sanders presidential campaign in 2016. She helped start the Health-Care Working Group and is a rank and file member of the Political Education Committee, and Electoral committee. Anne is a proud union member of the Nonprofit-Professional Employees Union (NPEU).

Eliot Friedman, he/him

Treasury Co-chair

Born in the city but raised on Long Island, Eliot has been with Nassau DSA since attending his first meeting in the summer of 2017. Originally a member of the Housing working group, he’s now the chapter Treasurer, but tries to leverage his background in tech wherever it can help in the chapter. When not involved in DSA stuff, he can be found exploring NY’s excellent state parks, or playing some Dungeons & Dragons.

Simran Nanda, she/her

Steering Committee Member, Membership Committee Co-Chair, Electoral Committee Co-Chair

Simran has lived on Long Island most of her life and got involved with DSA after being an active volunteer on the Bernie 2016 and 2020 campaigns. DSA feels like a second home to her and she aspires to welcome new individuals into the chapter and help spread DSA’s values. She believes there is a lot of work to be done, both electorally and on the issues, and is determined to find the right balance between the two to make Nassau County more inclusive and give the working class more power. Outside of DSA, she enjoys playing with her puppy and trying new and delicious food!

Charles Nieves, he/him

Steering Committee Member, Communications Co-Chair, and Ecosocialist Working Group Co-Chair

Charles began his involvement with Nassau DSA with the October 2019 Ecosocialist Working Group meeting. Since then, his involvement in the chapter has steadily grown, to now where he’s active with all of the currently running working groups and committees. He is the most recent addition to the Steering Committee, where he looks to help spread the word about Nassau DSA’s goals and efforts in his role as Communications Co-Chair.


Daniel Colacurcio, Ph.D., he/him

Healthcare Working Group Chair

Daniel joined DSA in 2018 after moving to Long Island, and initially participated in the DSA for Bernie campaign. With a background in biomedical research and experience in the healthcare industry, Daniel is primarily focused on the healthcare working group, and began serving as Healthcare Working Group chair in 2020. While focusing on chapter efforts to advocate for the New York Health Act and Medicare for All, Daniel is also active in the chapter’s mutual aid program, the electoral working group, and efforts to grow the chapter. He is also a proud husband and father.

Jeremy Joseph, he/him

Electoral Committee Co-chair (Interim)

A Long Island transplant, Jeremy (finally) embraced his locale and got involved with Nassau DSA in 2020. After volunteering with fellow DSA member Joe Sackman’s NYS Assembly campaign, Jeremy was eager to continue electoral work that could help better represent our communities. He likes to make sense of the world with data and occasionally makes the regrettable decision of sharing results with the internet.

Steve Martinez, he/him

Political Education Working Group Co-Chair

Steve is a lifelong Marxist thinker who is trying to make up for all the time he wasn’t formally radicalized by helping to radicalize others! As co-chair of Political Education Working Group he tries to curate an intellectual space for members by hosting movie nights, teach-ins, and reading groups as well as helping to produce the Red Petals chapter newsletter. Steve enjoys playing tennis, soccer, and poker almost as much as he enjoys cyberbullying his elected representatives.

Jack Wagner, he/him

Political Education Working Group Co-Chair

Jack joined Nassau DSA in January of 2020. Emboldened by the momentum of Bernie Sanders’s 2020 presidential campaign, Jack joined DSA to organize and agitate for the successful imposition of the virtuous ideals of revolutionary socialism. Ever enamored with Marxist philosophy and political economy, he naturally got himself involved in working with the Political Education Working Group. A firm believer in the need to raise working-class consciousness on Long Island and generally, Jack focuses on reading and discussing with others socialist literature, helping create teach-ins on various socio-political topics, and writing for the Nassau DSA newsletter Red Petals. Jack is currently in his first year studying international relations at George Washington University.

Martha Williams, she/they

Mutual Aid Working Group Chair

Looking to start a mutual aid group of her own in her hometown of Elmont, Martha attended a mutual aid meeting in September, 2020. She soon joined the working group, inspired by its members’ passion and commitment to solidarity over charity. Martha looks forward to supporting this team as it builds a solid foundation for its goals, grows its network, and serves Nassau’s diverse community.