Long Island
Democratic Socialists of America

We are the Long Island chapter of DSA, the largest socialist organization in the United States.

The Long Island DSA [originally Nassau County DSA & Suffolk County DSA] formed around 2017 and quickly began meeting monthly. We organize our communities for democracy in our workplaces, climate activism, political education and more. We believe the working-class, our families, and neighbors should be served justly and prioritized in the economy and society. Our collective responsibility is to support each other, not to make profits for the few. We are a organization devoted to advocacy, mutual aid, education, and building community, not a political party. Our goal is nothing short of empowering the working-class on Long Island and creating systems of supports for every persons in every community.

We fight for broad systemic reforms such as universal single-payer healthcare, a Green New Deal, free public education, expansion of workplace democracy, and for guaranteed housing.  We have mounted pressure campaigns on our representatives, engaged in political education initiatives, protested, and engaged in electoral work.  In addition to state and federal fights for public representatives and broader campaigns.

The campaigns & projects we're currently prioritizing on include:

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