Whether you’re doing a run for the first time or the twentieth time, thank you for being part of Nassau DSA’s Mutual Aid work. Together we can help our community members meet their needs and build strong, sustainable connections and foundations that outlast pandemics and other crises. Nassau DSA Mutual Aid began in response to the Covid 19 pandemic in March 2020, and has helped hundreds of Long Island families access groceries and other necessities. We are entirely volunteer led and run, and we could not do this work without runners like you!

Our Mutual Aid Logistics team helps coordinate runs and we strive to help runs go as seamlessly as possible. Some challenges we hope to mitigate include, but are not limited to, issues delivering the groceries to the family, or not knowing what products to purchase at the store. This document will serve as a tool and resource to help you complete a run successfully.

We encourage you to do your run on weekend mornings and weekend afternoons, to ensure a volunteer on our team is available to help you communicate with your recipient, and to allow the delivery to go smoothly. If this timeframe does not work for you, we can accommodate but let us know well in advance. Once you confirm with us a time to deliver, please stick to that time so we can be prepared to help your run go smoothly.

When you’re done with your run, please submit your grocery receipt here. Reimbursements are completed once a week on Fridays, but if you need it sooner let us know and we can accommodate. Form link:

For more information about Nassau DSA Mutual Aid, please click here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of food should I buy?

Please purchase the items on the grocery list provided to you. Use your best judgment in buying the most low-cost items you can, when possible. This usually will be the generic brand. Make sure the groceries are not expired, and that you stay within the reimbursement limit. (You are welcome to buy more than the reimbursement limit if you are okay with not being reimbursed for the difference. Of course that would be appreciated but you are not expected to do so!)

How do I do a run?

We will provide you with the recipient’s grocery list, address, and first name, and you will grocery shop and deliver it to them. Let us know when you plan to deliver it and we will give the recipient a heads up. When you arrive at their home, bring the groceries to their front door, take a picture of the groceries by the door, knock on the door, let us know you’re there, and you’re free to leave. You’re welcome to stay until you see someone has received them, but that is up to you.

I brought my groceries to the recipient’s home but no one is here to take it. What should I do?

Thank you for delivering them! Put the groceries by the front door, send us a picture of them in front of their door, knock on the door, let us know you’re there, and you are free to leave. We will contact the requester and take it from there.

How do I get my reimbursement?

Submit your receipt here: In case you missed it above, reimbursements are completed once a week on Fridays, but if you need it sooner let us know and we can accommodate.

When can I do my run?

If possible, please do your run on weekend mornings and weekend afternoons. This ensures a volunteer will be available to answer any questions during the run or pass along information to the recipient, and can help the run go smoothly. Let us know ASAP what time you will be delivering the run so we can let the recipient know to expect them. If this timeframe doesn’t work for you, let us know and we can accommodate.