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Come join comrades and union organizers at a Starbucks near you! Today- 3/22!

Take action! Starbucks Workers United has declared today as a Day-of-Action across the country. Labor & Community Organizers please consider join us TONIGHT at 8PM at Starbucks in Farmingville or Lynbrook to demand Starbucks stop union-busting and start negotiating in good faith with their workers.

We will be playing Union Songs, Starbucks Union busting audio coverage, & celebrating the recent unionizations on Long Island. Bring a bluetooth speaker!

A new labor movement is gaining momentum. Let's keep it up on Long Island!

During the event, all you need to do is be out in front of the store with the signs and flyers to hand out to people.

Take photos of you and anyone with you holding signs in front of the starbucks. Make sure to get the Starbucks sign in your Photo. 

Share them on social media, tagging Starbucks and sbworkersunited with the caption “Starbucks, be kind to your workers and stop union-busting! I am outside a store  in (insert your city) standing with Starbucks baristas organizing unions for a REAL seat at the table. #Starbucks #Kindness @Starbucks @sbworkersunited”

Copy and paste the above text & post it to Instagram or Twitter tagging: @sbworkersunited 

If you’re on TikTok, take a video of your event and post it tagging SBWorkersUnited


Last month workplace organizers and their fellow baristas at the Lynbrook store won their union vote!

Organizers at the store had previously said that safety protocols, unkept promises to promote workers, and termination threats from management to workers who raised concerns led them to organizing. They went so far as to write a letter to Starbucks CEO Laxman Narasimhan complaining about staffing problems, unsafe working conditions and other issues. 

“Our store managers and district manager have forced us to serve customers who have berated us, sexually harassed us, threatened the safety of partners, and thrown items at working partners,” the letter read. “We have listened to so many empty promises of accountability and change. These problems continue solely because they are more profitable to ignore rather than acknowledge, at the expense of partner safety and wellbeing.”

“There were times when it seemed futile,” said Liv Ryan, who has been trying to unionize the store since May 2020. “At a drive-through store turnover is always so high, it’s hard to have a steady amount of pro-union workers..” After years of organizing, the store finally became the fifth unionized location on Long Island. “I’m grateful for this push to unionize because I feel like it’s going to give us a voice and protect us from being treated unjustly,” Ana Martinez, a barista at the store and Valley Stream resident said in a statement.

Workers at stores in Massapequa, Westbury, Farmingville and Wantagh voted to unionize last year. Workers at a Great Neck location narrowly voted against. Workers United has alleged that management engaged in unfair labor practices there and has contested the election’s outcome. In December, the National Labor Relations Board filed a federal lawsuit against Starbucks and the Great Neck location. The suit alleged that initial unanimous support for unionization among workers led management to threaten disciplinary action, resulting in some workers voting against a union in fear of losing their jobs or having benefits cut.

More than 280 Starbucks stores in 37 states have voted to unionize. The chain has around 9,000 corporate-owned stores across the country.

Starbucks said the company looks "forward to meeting Workers United in person to begin the single-store collective bargaining process," though no stores have reached a contract agreement since the first stores voted for unions at the end of 2021.


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