Labor Working Group

About: Our Labor Working Group has been meeting monthly recently to discuss the labor movement on Long Island, Direct support & Solidarity, and building our communities with the working class in mind. Check out some of our projects and actions below!

More Context!

Socialism is not new to the United States. The U.S. has had a brand of socialism that has history and legacies over a hundred years old. As long as there is the imbalance of capitalism, socialists have lived and breathed and fought for the people and our communities.

The labor movement has always been grounded in socialists and socialist principles. Over a hundred years ago an explosion of labor and socialists was precipitated by capitalism’s inevitable conclusions of suffering. Their successes included the 5-day workweek, 8 hour workdays, as well as a slew of other benefits and integral aspects of our country's infrastructure including Social Security and literally bridges and hydroelectric dams.

We are again in dire times and again seeing the rise of fascism, hunger, illness, and, of course, deliberately manufactured conditions of severe socio-economic despair. We, the masses of society, are desperate. Desperate for change, and action, and an inkling of the rights of happiness and unsuppressed livelihoods; those freedoms they promised us. Solidarity and Labor unions are the way forward.

“If we are going to save the middle class in this country, we are going to have to grow the union movement… we’re trying to combine trade unionists with the progressive movement to create an economic and political force of real power.” - Bernie Sanders

To be clear: when we talk about the working class, we are compelled to do so as a matter of framing; Labor creates all the value that is produced while owners steal the vast majority of excess profit. But our communities include those who can not work. Loved ones and Friends, the young-ins and aging, and those who are facing health obstacles. We fight for them too.

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