Phone Zap for the

It takes about 5 minutes to call your rep, fill out the response form, and tell your friends! More info below.

Due to the pandemic, millions have lost their jobs and health insurance. While it is free to get tested for COVID-19, treatment is not free and as a result, many people are getting sick and/or dying.

Senator Bernie Sanders and Rep Pramila Jayapal have introduced emergency legislation, Health Care Emergency Guarantee (HCEG) Act, which would allow Medicare to cover all out-of-pocket health care costs for every person for the duration of the COVID-19 crisis.

We are targeting our LI reps and asking them to support this crucial legislation.

1) Find your Congressional representative and phone number by clicking here

2) Call your rep and ask if they support the Health Care Emergency Guarantee Act

Here's a script you can use when calling, but feel free to speak from your own personal experience. The important thing is to pressure the person you're speaking with to commit to answering whether or not your representative will support the Health Care Emergency Guarantee Act.

Here is an additional (optional) resource you can use when calling your representative: Nassau County COVID-19 Fact Pack

3) Fill out a quick form so we can track representatives' responses

Once you've made your call, please fill out this quick form so we can keep track of how our representatives are responding!

4) Share this link with three friends!

The only way our representatives will listen is if they are flooded with calls, so ask your friends to call their reps too!

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