Electoral Working Group

About: Our Electoral Working Group has been meeting every other week recently to discuss the legislative and political updates on Long Island.

We’ve been supporting campaigns for endorsed candidates, Tax the Rich, NY Health Act, and assisting other WG’s with electoral aspects of their work.

Check out some of our projects and actions below!

More Context!

Electoralism is not the core of what we do. We are not a political party; DSA is an org of community organizers and political educators. However the vast majority of comrades find themselves in DSA because they are interested in seeing and making impactful, short-term changes in their communities. And so it is our responsibility to assist local organizers in executing their priorities. It is not easy enacting progressive policies let alone thoroughly socialist ones.

We are inherently the under-dog but when we organize we have numbers. We cannot compete with capital's reach in mainstream media, or SuperPACs, or bribes from foreign capitalists & imperialists. Even still, you’d be amazed at how much hope is derived from canvassing, activating neighbors, signs of solidarity, etc.

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