As socialists, we aim to build resilient, intentional communities on Long Island by creating bonds around culture and mutual interests.

About Us

C&C is committed to strengthening community and building interpersonal bonds between organizers and our broader local communities. Capitalism enforces and benefits from individualism and isolation so that neighbors choose to rely on ‘free’ markets instead of each other and systems of mutual aid for support.

To strengthen our relationships and comradery we contribute by providing events support, planning socials, aggregating and sharing general and local community events in the newsletter as well as writing the monthly B&R (Culture) section.

What we do:

  • Community Events

  • Events Support

  • Fundraising

  • Cultural & Local events in our newsletter

  • Education & Skillshares


Community Events

LI DSA’s C&C Working Group organizes events based on our member's interest as well as aggregates other local events from our communities &/or coalition partners.

Learn more about our task forces here. Sign up for one here.