Coronavirus Mutual Aid

As Nassau County continues to reopen, we must remember that many people were struggling before COVID-19, and will continue to struggle after. Mutual Aid helps communities take care of each other, to build strong, sustainable connections and foundations that outlast pandemics and other crises.

Thanks to our donors and volunteers, we’ve helped over 400 families with food and supplies assistance since March this year. On average, we spend about $1,000 a month purchasing groceries and delivering them across Nassau County. With the funds donated here, we can continue our mutual aid work into the next year and potentially broaden our mutual aid work to include more programs and communities.

Please help us sustain and grow our mutual aid work by donating to our fundraiser here.

Upcoming Events:

  • On October 18th and November 8th we are partnering with Community Solidarity for mutual aid events. We will be collecting groceries, creating care packages, and distributing them to community members. The events will be from 2-5pm at the Hempstead LIRR station. Sign up for the October 18th event here and the November 8th event here. We will email everyone who signs up with further information.

Nassau DSA Mutual Aid Roles

We've been organizing grocery and supply logistics for our neighbors in Nassau County through our network of Nassau DSA members, other mutual aid groups on LI, and/or local volunteers. We have helped feed over 400 Long Island families through our network of volunteers.

You don't have to be a Nassau DSA member to volunteer for our mutual aid program.

Mutual aid volunteer roles include:

Runners: Runners collect and deliver groceries and supplies to families in need in Nassau County.

Communications: This role helps communicate between runners and families to make sure runners have the information they need to successfully complete their run, and to make sure families are receiving the items they requested.

Phonebankers and Texters: These roles allow us to grow our outreach by spreading the word about our events and happenings.

Donors: We rely on small donations to keep our mutual aid program running. Please consider making a donation today!

Volunteer to Help

If you'd like to volunteer to help out with out Mutual Aid efforts, please click the link below!

Request Aid

If you need aid, please click one of the links below and fill out the form. We'll reach out to you as soon as we're able, but please be aware that we operate on a 100% volunteer basis.

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Nassau DSA COVID 19 Statement

March 13, 2020

Dear Comrades,

As you’re probably well aware by now, the Coronavirus or COVID-19 has become a global concern that cannot be ignored. We would like to take a practical and measured approach in our response that is mindful of the health of our members and our communities and that also allows us to continue the critical organizing work we are doing as socialists here on Long Island. We will be looking into ways for our working groups to better facilitate online meetings where possible for the time being. We will be following the guidelines in the statement by National DSA in their statement on COVID-19.

We want to continue to organize effectively for a Medicare for All, universal single payer healthcare system that provides care, including vaccines, free at point of service. As well as a new economic system that will protect people's jobs and housing during times of economic crisis. We’d also like to remind everyone to be aware of and think about the very real class issues that normally go unnoticed in the news. Governor Cuomo has used the panic surrounding the Coronavirus to grant himself a massive expansion of his executive power, despite some hesitation from the legislature. He’s announced the production of thousands of gallons of hand sanitizer in response, but it’s made by slave labor in prisons often compensated at a rate of under a dollar a day. Instead of demanding an end to this barbaric practice, our legislators have suggested we raise the compensation to a “humane” $3/hour.

There are many people who are affected economically by this situation and we want to stand in solidarity with them by organizing ways to prevent them from entering into further crisis by not being able to make rent, or afford basic necessities because of lost wages.

Nassau DSA Steering Committee remains committed to fighting for housing, healthcare, economic, and racial justice even during this time of unease. Please make sure to join the conversations happening on Slack as this will be our chapter’s main mode of communication. Email us if you’re not on Slack, and we can sign you up.

In Solidarity,

Nassau DSA Steering Committee